Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Country shoot....

What a beautiful day for a family shoot... Well okay maybe it was a bit too sunny for my liking.. but I knew it would be fun when I pulled up to the family home and was greeted by chickens running free.... I love the country!!!! 
The kids seemed really excited to have their pictures taken and Miss M couldn't wait to show me around the yard. 
We decided it would be better to move the location to Mémère and Pépère's spot.  I was in awe when we arrived at this riverfront paradise. They have the most beautiful home overlooking the water and tons of landscaping and rustic brilliance.
 I do have to mention though that I went through 1000 photos and 990 of them needed to be deleted because at least one of the group had their eyes closed or was turned away....hahahaha   but these are the joys of a large family.
  I really love the way the older ones look out for their little siblings and loved spending the day with them, can't wait to do it again!

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