Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Los Cabos, Mexico

Sorry I haven't been around, I had a super busy few weeks of work and then was off to Los Cabos Mexico with friends for a week! What an amazing place.   I'm kind of disappointed I didn't take many photos, I was just having way too much fun.   Our resort was near Cabo San Lucas and the Marina and we had a gorgeous view of Lands End, Lover's Beach and the Marina right from our beach and infiniti pools, talk about breathtaking.   In the first photo if you look real close you can see a sea lion colony to the left resting on the rocks. These guys are so smart as soon as the fishing boats return they plop up on the back of the boats waiting to be fed...lol
The weather is amazing and only rains one day a year!  The people are friendly and it's very clean.  Us girls even got brave on our last day and went parasailing, soooo fun!
We even had a chance to hold and play with a baby jaguar and lion. The money raised goes to help the animals in the Eco  Reserve.  Did I mention the whales!  I was thrilled to see a mother and baby come up for a breath just a few yards away from our boat, wow!
If you ever get the chance you must visit this place!






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  1. Wow Lori! Awesome impressions... One moment full of vivid colours and next these soft sunsets... makes me dream :)